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15 Mar

How MagView Can Help You Comply with the Updated Dense Breast Laws

Assessing breast density and informing patients of their findings are critical components of quality breast care. This process is so important that the majority of states in the U.S. have…

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15 Feb

The Most Common Mammography Integrations for MagView and Epic Users

When it comes to mammography reporting and tracking software, MagView is well-known as the leading provider of solutions for breast center information management. And when it comes to electronic health…

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17 Jan

What is Mammography Tracking? (and Why Mammography Tracking Software is Crucial for Breast Centers)

Effective mammography tracking is a critical component of quality breast care—which is why busy breast centers rely on mammography tracking software to ensure the best results. Here, we’ll dig into…

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13 Dec

How Breast Centers Incorporate Tyrer-Cuzick in Mammogram Reports and Lay Letters

Using breast cancer risk assessment models—such as Tyrer-Cuzick—supports risk assessment, which has become best practice in breast screening. This approach helps identify patients who can benefit from personalized screening and…

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11 Oct

Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer: How to Best Incorporate it into Your Imaging Workflow

Understanding a patient’s genetics plays an integral role in being able to assess their comprehensive risk for breast cancer. That’s why MagView has incorporated genetic risk factors into its breast…

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13 Sep

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Software: The Benefits of Integrated Solutions

The importance of breast cancer screening solutions for high-risk patients is demonstrated by statistics that underscore the prevalence of this type of cancer. Breast cancer is currently the most commonly…

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8 Aug

MagView’s TechPad: Improving Patient Care & Mammography Technologist Workflow

Are your breast center’s technologists tethered to desktop computers? Are they wasting valuable time standing in line outside the radiologist’s door? Do they know the current status of each patient…

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6 Jul

Why Tyrer-Cuzick is the Breast Cancer Risk Model of Choice

Personalized breast cancer care is making rapid progress—and breast cancer risk assessment plays an increasingly critical role in support of prevention, early detection, and effective treatment.  There are various breast…

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20 Jun

The Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Statistics You Should be Tracking in Your Breast Center

Breast centers need effective and nimble solutions to help them provide excellent patient care, adhere to regulatory and accreditation requirements, and pay attention to the bottom line—all at the same…

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9 May

What to Ask Vendors When Evaluating Mammography Reporting Systems

Choosing the right Mammography Information System (MIS) for your center is a crucial decision. The system you select will require a long-term investment and have a major impact on daily…

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18 Feb

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Breast Density Notification Letters Alone. Women Need Discussions with Their Healthcare Providers, Too.

State-level breast density notification (BDN) laws arose from a grass-roots effort started by Nancy M. Cappello, Ph.D., after her stage 3C breast cancer diagnosis in 2004, which followed a “normal”…

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18 Jan

5 Tips to Increase the Adoption Rate of Your Patient Portal

Patient portals offer many benefits, like providing patients with the ability to connect directly with their healthcare providers and potentially increasing patient engagement.  However, it can be challenging for providers…

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6 Dec

Text Messaging in Healthcare and Why it Makes Perfect Sense for Breast Centers

According to the Patient Pop 3rd annual patient perspective survey, digital interactions continue to grow in popularity among patients—and that includes text messaging. Also referred to as short message service…

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8 Sep

5 Benefits of Integrating AI Breast Imaging Tools with MagView 

Research has proven the value of AI-enhanced breast imaging across modalities and applications to enhance breast cancer screening, treatment, and the overall effectiveness of patient-centered care. Modalities in which artificial…

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