About MagView

A Leading Mammography Software Company

Helping Breast Centers Improve Workflow Since 1990.

MagView’s mammography software helps busy breast centers to be more efficient and productive and deliver an excellent patient experience. We believe:

  • Every patient deserves the best breast imaging experience
  • MQSA compliance has a profound impact on patient outcomes
  • Hardworking breast center staff should have the tools to make
    their days run smoothly and efficiently so they can deliver first-class service to their patients and stay compliant.

Since the inception of MQSA, we have dedicated our time and resources to becoming experts in breast imaging workflow. We’ve spent countless hours in mammography departments working with technologists and radiologists. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Our talented and passionate team, supported by strong processes and implementation expertise, is making the breast imaging experience better for patients and clinicians. We love the work we do and the amazing customers we work alongside!


Meet the Experts

We are experts in mammography reporting, risk-based screening, MQSA compliance, software development, interface configuration, and hospital and radiology processes.

We are also a team of friendly faces! We’re made up of software engineers, workflow consultants, project managers, customer service specialists, and account managers.

We love attending conferences, sharing workflow best practices through our blog, and implementing software that makes the lives of breast center staff and patients easier and more efficient.

History of the Company

MagView was founded in 1990. The Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) became law in October of 1992.

That’s when MagView, the mammography information system, was born. The software was developed for the American College of Radiology (ACR) as the first BI-RADS(™) structured reporting system. MagView underwent private commercialization in 1993.

A lot has changed in breast imaging since then, but we remain the leading solutions provider for breast imaging tracking and reporting.


Who We Serve

We proudly serve large enterprise healthcare groups, cancer centers, private radiology practices, VA hospitals, women’s clinics, and more.

MagView’s software grows alongside your organization, which means that our team can help, no matter the size of your operation. We work with many great customers and some of the nation’s leading breast imagers. Some of our customers include CARTI Cancer Center, The University of Virginia, UCLA, MemorialCare Health System, Baptist Health South Florida, and many more.

Mission & Vision

From its founding, MagView’s focus has always been to position patient care above all else.

We’ve worked alongside healthcare professionals to create a product that fits their needs, rather than creating a cookie-cutter product that forces them to change their care instead. MagView improves staff efficiency, productivity, and quality of care, making it one of the best ways to arm health professionals in their continual battle against breast cancer.


Choose MagView Today

At MagView, we understand your needs and challenges. That’s why we go far and beyond to provide the solutions you need to achieve your goals. By empowering breast centers to deliver the best results, experiences and care to patients, we improve efficiency and help save lives. To speak to a MagView representative, complete the form below.

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