Workflow Orchestration: Mammographer & Radiology Workflow Software

Luminary Workflow Manager is a vendor neutral, lightweight & robust tool that provides optimal structure to the workday of a mammographer with seamlessly integrated technology.

Mammo Chat

Improve collaboration and radiology workflow management amongst your team. Luminary Workflow Manager allows your entire imaging staff to communicate with each other.

Study Workload Balancing

Automatic individual radiologist queues, group queues, and other subsets. Flexible case assignment based on quota, active readers, RVUs, and more.

The first and only radiology workflow orchestration tool dedicated to Breast Imaging

AI Reading Prioritization

Prioritize your most pressing studies on a given queue based on likelihood of callback or cancer. Integrated AI puts the most urgent cases at the top of the mammography worklist.

Protocol Based Automation

Luminary Workflow Manager is the radiology department workflow management tool that can enforce patient context across all your imaging systems. It can also trigger custom actions for further time savings.

Real Time Reading Insights

Display breast history, risk assessment, pathology and more on a simple widget regardless of your MIS vendor. Always stay on top of the case with automated radiology worklist prioritization and smart color filters.

Floating Mammography Widget

Luminary Workflow Manager “floats” on your screen and conserves valuable screen real estate.

How will Luminary Workflow Manager benefit your Breast Imaging practice?

  • Improve radiologist workflow & efficiency
  • Promote collaboration
  • Increase capacity
  • Increase radiology reading productivity
  • Reduce costs & turnaround time
  • Improve patient care & outcomes

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