Mammography Reporting Software

Keeping up with the evolving standards and regulations while streamlining mammography workflow is one of the biggest challenges facing the digital breast imaging communities. However, facilities in the US and nationwide can use MagView’s mammography tracking system to streamline workflow and focus on their patients.

The mammography tracking and reporting software at MagView can help improve staff efficiency, patient experience, and radiologist productivity while delivering actionable data and meaningful outcomes for breast centers nationwide. Our complete workflow solution is fully automated and interoperable to help you provide the best experience and care for your patients.

Improving Breast Care
Through Breast Imaging

As a breast imaging service provider, you want to ensure that your facility offers the best possible image quality for improved breast cancer diagnosis, results, and treatment. You also want to ensure that the tools and equipment you use for breast imaging program help you comply with the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA). As mammography remains the primary universally accepted method for breast cancer screening, it’s essential that breast cancer facilities across the globe invest in improving mammography using the latest technology. One of the best ways to do this is investing in MagView’s mammography tracking and reporting software.

Get Fully Immersed in Technology Using the Latest MagView’s Mammography Tracking System

At MagView, we understand that you care about your patient’s breast health. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure that you can provide the best care for your patients, from screening and diagnosis to treatment and beyond. Our fully automated patient tracking system allows you to begin patient follow-up immediately after the results are complete. The follow-up tools help you check which patients need urgent follow-ups and the next steps to take. Here are a few benefits of using our mammography tracking software.

Early breast cancer
screening and detection

Access to the latest tracking and reporting technology

Greater accuracy of data

Simple identification of high-risk patients

Integrated collaborative care

Improved patient-doctor communication

Easier follow-ups

High-quality care for all patients

Workflow efficiency for
you and your staff

How Mammography Tracking Helps in Breast Imaging

A mammogram is a critical tool for detecting breast cancer at the very early stages. Follow-up and outcome tracking is part of the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) atlas. The BI-RADS coding and tissue density drive summaries and lay letters, recommendations, biopsy results, and comprehensive compliance reports and analysis.

Mammography tracking at MagView includes tools to ensure that no patient slips through the cracks.

Our patient tracking software solution streamlines workflow and delivers diagnostic tools for better patient outcomes. 

Take Your Breast Imaging Services to the Next Level with MagView’s Mammography Tracking System

If you run a breast care center, you probably already know that patient experience matters more than ever before. You need to utilize the latest tools and equipment to improve your service and remain relevant in this competitive industry. The MagView software can help you enhance the patient experience at your center.

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