Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Software

Establish & Grow Your High-Risk Screening Program with MagView

A high-risk program goes beyond just calculating scores. It’s about efficiently managing patient care pathways and identifying those who benefit from supplemental screening. MagView ensures clear communication with patients and their doctors, while adapting to your unique workflow.

High-Risk Breast Screening E-Book

This free informational e-book provides the basics of high-risk breast screening and how to successfully run a high-risk program. Learn how to:

  • Choose a risk model
  • Define your program goals
  • Implement a streamlined workflow
  • Deploy Tyrer-Cuzick v8 and integrate breast density assessment software
  • Increase breast MRI volume
  • Define high-risk follow-up recommendations, including referral process for genetic testing
  • Notify the patient and their doctor

Understand Your Patient's Risk to Deliver Truly Personalized Care

And do it with efficiency.

Streamline Collection of Patient Data

Patients can fill out required history information online from home or via tablet in your waiting room. The user-friendly format of our breast cancer risk assessment program makes it easy for patients to complete and eliminates manual entry for your staff. Yes, even for a complete Tyrer-Cuzick v8.0 (IBIS) assessment!

Automatically Identify "High-Risk" Patients

There is no need to log into another system or website. MagView automatically calculates the risk assessment score and flags high-risk patients in a single system. Integrate the score into your radiologist’s reporting platform with no interruption to their workflow.

Incorporate Genetic Testing

MagView provides real-time guidance and recommendations based on NCCN guidelines and/or your organization’s custom protocol. Patients eligible for MRI, genetic testing or genetic counseling are clearly flagged. Each recommendation is tracked to ensure follow-through.

Integrations with genetic testing labs, such as Myriad, allow you to deliver comprehensive risk assessment without burdening your staff with additional paperwork.

Communicate Risk Information to Patient and Provider

Risk score and recommendation (such as breast MRI) can be included in the radiologist’s imaging report with no additional steps. Automatically communicate risk score and personalized recommendations to the patient and provider. MagView provides options to integrate with breast density measurement software for risk calculation and density notification to the patient and provider.

Automate Patient Follow-Up

MagView takes the burden off your staff by automatically generating reminder letters, text messages, and emails to patients. Our automated follow-up tools boost patient return rates.

Support for NAPBC-Accredited Facilities

The 2024 NAPBC Standards require risk assessment screening strategies and the management of high-risk patients. We can help you implement high-risk screening protocols that meet the regulatory requirements and fit seamlessly into your workflow.

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