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Your business is about breast imaging and helping your patients manage their health expectations. You shouldn’t need to get bogged down with having to worry about breast imaging workflow. Leave that part of your business to a professional vendor, like MagView, that offers the top mammography reporting system in the industry.

Why Choose a Reporting System

Investing in a mammography reporting system can prove to have many benefits for your patients and staff. But to reap those benefits, it’s important to select the right vendor for your needs.

Why Choose MagView

Finding the best vendor that will understand your needs and can offer all the solutions you need to achieve your goals can be a challenge. Many reasons make MagView stand out from the rest as the best option to choose.

We Are a Proven Industry Leader

MagView has more than 30 years of experience as a dedicated MIS vendor and many top cancer centers trust us with their workflow. Our systems use innovative technology, and we remain at the forefront of developments in the industry.

Breast Imaging is Our Specialty

At MagView, we are driven by our understanding of mammography. To advance our knowledge of this subject, we have invested our time in the industry on research and development exclusively focused on breast imaging.

Our System is Fast and Efficient

To keep your workflow smooth, choose MagView, with our fast and efficient system, which won’t add to your workload. We understand the uniqueness of mammography and what it takes to streamline and automate the workflow.

We can help with
MQSA compliance

If you need help to comply with the MQSA, we can help. Let us show you how and request a demo.

MagView vs. Mammography Modules

If you are using a mammography module within your RIS or EMR, your experience should show that there must be something more robust out there.

MagView is what you are looking for.

Download the “MagView vs. RIS Mammography Modules” to see a side-by-side comparison of the benefits of MagView over most other mammo-modules.

RIS Vs MagView PDF

Why Do We Stand Out?

MagView was the first service provider to deliver the market with innovative tools that standardize the mammography workflow across all enterprise health systems. MagView Structured Reporting is efficient, and our clients prefer it 9 times out of 10 to that offered by competitors.

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