MagView Integrations

We understand the importance of seamless integration within the breast imaging workflow. Our mammography system is designed to be interoperable and seamlessly integrated with other systems, allowing breast imaging centers to streamline their operations and enhance the patient experience.

Smooth, Robust Integrations

MagView is proud to offer unparalleled interfacing capabilities that enhance radiologist and breast imaging staff efficiency and elevate the patient experience. Integrating your existing systems with MagView is a smooth process and offers the following benefits:

Patient Navigation

End-to-End Connectivity with Leading Systems

From EHRs to RIS and PACS, to dictation and automated breast density systems, we ensure MagView seamlessly fits into your established workflow. Customize our tools to meet the needs of your breast imaging center without changing what already works.

Technologist Workflow Tools

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

 Our proven IT integrations automate tasks and eliminate data entry and other time-intensive administrative tasks. Experience improved productivity, reduction in errors, and enhanced overall workflow.

Patient Experience Tools

Elevate Patient Experience with Smooth Transitions

A seamlessly integrated system doesn’t just benefit the staff – it significantly improves the patient’s journey. Patients experience smoother transitions, quicker results, and an overall enhanced breast cancer screening experience.

Our Integrations

Our mammography tracking and reporting software easily integrates with all of your existing systems. Common integrations include:

What Makes Our Integrations Different

Integration is crucial to efficiency within a mammography clinic. MagView is the first and only vendor to create an entire integration suite in-house. MagLink is the core of the MagView system. It allows for complex workflows via HL7, DICOM, web APIs, and more. Utilizing the power of MagLink to reduce inefficiencies and human error within the clinic can reduce exam intervals, automate follow-ups, and keep data in sync across multiple systems, allowing your staff to spend more time with patients and less time with data entry. 


We recognize how crucial stable interfaces are to your daily operations. All MagView systems include MagTAC – an interface and system health monitor designed to maintain the momentum of your workflow. MagTAC is a real-time monitoring system that diligently verifies the proper functioning of your database and interfaces. Should an issue arise, it promptly alerts our support team, ensuring minimal interface downtimes and reducing the burden on your IT team for resolution.

Connect with our team today and discover how MagView can revolutionize your breast imaging workflow. Together, we can pave the way for unparalleled patient care.

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