Breast Imaging Facility Workflow Solutions

MagView's innovative software solutions help breast centers streamline and automate their mammography workflow for superior efficiency.

Mammography Technologist Workflow

Your technologists are the backbone (and more) of your breast imaging facility. From face-to-face interaction to exam completion, they spend more time with your patients than anyone else. Do they have the most up-to-date tools and technology to help them complete their mission?

  • Are your technologists tied down to a workstation, or even waiting in line for one to be free?
  • Do your techs have access to mobile technology to allow them to perform their duties anywhere in the practice?
  • Do your techs spend enough time with your patients?
  • Could your site be seeing more patients with a boost to your workflow efficiency?


Your techs can be mobile and be with the patient for much longer with the MagView TechPadTM. This tool untethers your techs from a workstation or work area and enables them to take MagView with them wherever the patient is.  A positive impact on mammography workflow efficiency is inevitable. Techs can see instant feedback from the radiologists, so they know if a second exam needs to be performed or a view repeated.
  • Frees techs from having to use a static workstation
  • Allows for much more patient interaction, decreasing their anxiety during the exam
  • Patient status is immediately updated and clearly displayed on the customizable worklist
  • Less time waiting leads to an increase in patient intake, and by extension more revenue
  • More time spent with the technologists leads to less stress and an overall better patient experience

Advanced Breast Diagram

Techs can now create a complete breast diagram in just a few seconds and with only a few clicks. Since the images are persistent, you will have them to view year after year. If you make a mistake? Vector-based drawing tools allow for editing of previous images. You aren’t confined to a single canvas, you have layers to work with instead. In other words, technology saves your technologists a ton of time, while still providing assistance to radiologists.

  • Create a complete breast diagram in just a few seconds
  • Vector based drawing tools
  • Boosts technologist workflow efficiency
  • Saves time and provides assistance to technologists and radiologists

Patient Status Board

One common question your team may have for any exam: “Where is my patient now?” With the Patient Status Board, you will always have an answer, as it displays physical location along with status for each patient throughout their visit. This can be displayed on a large monitor or TV screen in your technologist work area, reading room, coordinator’s office, or anywhere that makes sense in your facility.

  • Show each patient’s location throughout the course of their visit
  • Displays the patient’s status in real-time
  • Reduces the time spent looking for a patient
  • Increases efficiency of breast imaging workflows
  • Saves time during each exam, which could lead to an increase in daily patient intake

HOLOGIC Unifi™ MQSA EQUIP powered by MagView

In 2019 MagView partnered with Hologic to develop Unifi™ EQUIP, an automated solution that facilitates compliance with the FDA’s Enhancing Quality Using the Inspection Program (EQUIP) guidance.

Unifi™ EQUIP is designed to provide on-demand compliance tracking and reporting so that breast centers feel confident their facility is sufficiently prepared for the FDA inspection process. Through fully integrated tools, such as automated EQUIP worklist generation, Unifi™ EQUIP enables technologists and interpreting physicians the ability to manage, track, and document quality reviews of clinical images.

  • Covers all 3 EQUIP MQSA requirements
  • Auto-populated worklists for Radiologist and Technologist Review
  • Built-in training tools
  • Ability to annotate problem on image if corrective action needed
  • Accessible from anywhere

Credential Management Tool

Ensuring your technologists keep up to date with their credentials is an important task. With MagView, we take the guesswork out of the equation and track their credits automatically with the Credential Management Tool. This eliminates the need for spreadsheets or even paper tracking by documenting the number of exams performed automatically. You can control the number of credits required, the type and provider of each certification, and the specific users that fall under each category.

  • Automatically track credits for each of your users based on exams they perform
  • Track multiple types of credentials, even multiple credentials per single user
  • Customizable thresholds ensure your specific requirements are achieved
  • Printable report shows progress throughout the time period, allowing you to coordinate hours and schedules based on need

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