Northern Midwest Mammography Tracking and Reporting Software

MagView is a mammography tracking and reporting software company located in Fulton, MD that was founded in 1990. Over the years, our company has become a leading provider of solutions for breast screening information management. Our services, such as breast screening results communication, patient experience tools, radiology reporting, and patient navigation, aid in making your breast center run smoothly and improve communication within and outside the facility. 

Our team’s innovative thinking keeps us ahead of the curve and allows us to provide efficient and effective solutions.Northern Midwest (Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc.)

MagView is proud to offer services to breast centers all over the country, with a big focus on some of the biggest cities in the Northern Midwest areas, such as Minnesota and Wisconsin.

We offer our software solutions in the following areas:

Mammography Tracking and Reporting Software in Wisconsin, Minnesota & Beyond

MagView helps to improve the patient experience, your staff’s efficiency, and radiologists’ productivity, saving breast centers time and resources. MagView delivers data that is clear and actionable. Our expertise in MQSA compliance offers breast centers with peace of mind and less stress when preparing for inspection.

Our lung cancer screening software gives medical professionals valuable insight into screening, follow-ups, and recommendations. You can also access other information that may have to be shared with patients.

Thanks to our comprehensive tracking and reporting system, you can efficiently manage lung cancer screening as well as mammography tracking and reporting.

Our other services include:

Patient Navigation

With MagView, you have the tools necessary to navigate patients from diagnosis through treatment with ease and efficiency. This makes the entire process much less worrisome for patients and medical professionals can offer their services with confidence.

Breast Center Analytics

Our software provides you with insight into all your breast center operations, regardless of the size of your program or how you run your practice.

MQSA Compliance

MagView can help breast centers to prepare for and comply with MQSA requirements.

Reliable Mammography Tracking and Reporting Software

MagView’s software can help breast centers accurately track and report all their data and use it to improve patient experiences as well as the overall efficiency of their operations. If you want to enhance how you handle data and reporting, request a demo or call us today at (800) 553 8996 and find out exactly how we can help your practice!

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