Pacific Northwest Mammography Tracking and Reporting Software

Mammography tracking and reporting software is crucial for breast center operations and patient care. MagView. Mammography departments and breast imaging centers rely on MagView to help them become more efficient and offer exceptional patient care.With more than 30 years of experience in healthcare information management, our company offers scalable software that can help your breast center save time, money, and stay compliant with MQSA. .

MagView has become an industry leader in Mammography Reporting and tracking software solutions. Our services include mammography tracking, breast cancer risk assessment, results communication, patient navigation, breast imaging analytics, and much more.

Pacific Northwest (Seattle and/or Portland area)

As a mammography tracking and reporting software provider, we offer our software solutions to some of the biggest cities in the Northwest area, specifically Seattle and Portland.

Here are some of the other cities that we are happy to offer our software to:

MagView is dedicated to serving clients with reliable mammography tracking software. Our team of experts not only specialize in mammography tracking, but also have expertise in MQSA compliance, data analytics, radiology reporting, radiology workflow orchestration, and patient navigation. Additionally, we provide cutting-edge tools that improve the patient experience.

Mammography Tracking and Reporting Software We Offer For Seattle, Portland, Salem & Beyond

We understand the importance of accurate tracking in reporting in breast screening. We are proud to provide our clients with software that helps improve mammography operations and has a positive impact on patient care. Our software suite offers:

AI-Powered Follow-Up Tools

Our follow-up tools ensure that no patient slips through the cracks. Patient notification of results and recommended follow-up is fully automated resulting in less manuel entry and room for error. Follow-up protocols can be set to meet your unique needs and processes.

Integration and Workflow Efficiency

Our software will effortlessly integrate with all your current systems – RIS, PACS, Dictation, CAD, and other AI tools. You’ll have a comprehensive and seamless workflow that makes your operation much easier and more convenient.

Quality and Outcome Reporting

MagView has been partnering with leading breast centers for more than 30 years, and our mammography tracking reports will give you insight into the health of your practice. With just the click of a button, you can closely examine your quality and outcome data.

Trusted Mammography Tracking and Reporting Software

Our software has been meticulously designed to accurately track and report all the data your facility needs and present it to you in a way that is easy to understand. Our software can help your breast center become more productive and efficient, from the first patient interaction through to diagnosis.

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