The Most Common Mammography Integrations for MagView and Epic Users

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When it comes to mammography reporting and tracking software, MagView is well-known as the leading provider of solutions for breast center information management. And when it comes to electronic health records (EHR), Epic® is well-known as a leading provider in that space.

As a result, many breast centers use both—which underscores the importance of effective integration in the clinical setting.

How it works

When such integration is enabled, a very efficient breast center workflow can be achieved—which creates a win-win for staff and patients through benefits such as:

  • Reduction of duplicate data entry
  • Preservation of data integrity
  • Increased time savings for staff and patients
  • Improved workflow efficiency

Since we know how powerful an effective integration can be, we’re providing a snapshot of the most common mammography integrations for breast centers that use both MagView and Epic.

Most Common Integrations for MagView and Epic Users

Which integrations are the most common between the two systems? The following snapshot provides an overview.


  • HL7 interface into MagView from Epic for patient demographics, orders, and—if applicable—results (the mammography report).
  • HL7 interface out of MagView into Epic for results—if the mammography report was completed via structured reporting in MagView.
  • HL7 interface from MagView into Epic for patient history information and letters. This provides both a point of reference and enables a comprehensive patient record in the Epic system.

Portal Enhancements

  • Patient Results Portal integration. Integrating MagView’s Patient Results Portal into Epic’s MyChart® enables a seamless patient experience across all modalities. In addition to the clinical report that’s available in Epic’s MyChart, this integration improves the patient experience by providing the patient with quick, electronic access to their MQSA-required lay letter.
  • Patient History Portal integration. With the integration of MagView’s Patient History Portal, the patient history can be completed and captured in Epic’s MyChart before the patient comes in for the appointment. This capability is especially helpful for sites that perform breast cancer risk assessments.

“A Complete Workflow Solution”

With Epic as the EHR and MagView as the specialty mammography reporting software, seamless data integration enables “a complete workflow solution” for breast centers.

That’s what Gary Levine, the Medical Director of MemorialCare Breast Centers, discovered when he assumed his new role. Tasked with instituting a state-of-the-art breast health information system throughout the breast centers, he understood that consistency and communication between the sites would be key. Since he’d previously used the MagView system at multiple sites, Dr. Levine knew it would be the perfect solution for MemorialCare.

“By providing a well-designed suite of report generation and tracking tools, the MagView solution enables the radiologist, allowing us to focus on what matters – patient care,” he said. “Having previously deployed MagView at Hoag Hospital, I was confident that it was the solution required at the MemorialCare Health System.”

In addition to excelling in its own right, the mammography information system selected needed to effectively integrate with both the health care system’s radiology information system (RIS) and their Epic EHR for the hospital. The technical teams from MagView and Epic worked together to integrate the two systems so they would share patient information in real time.

Enterprise Mammography Reporting Solutions

“We engaged Epic and MagView to work together in order to establish a system that would meet our aggressive goals,” Levine said. “Epic delivers a hospital-wide information system that allows us to effectively manage the patient throughout the enterprise. MagView delivers the knowledge, expertise and solution set focused on our breast imaging environment. By integrating the two systems, we have seamless data integration, and a complete workflow solution for our breast imaging group.”

Ready to Improve Your Workflow?

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