The Benefits of Breast MRI for High-Risk Patients

Breast MRI

Although research supports the value of breast MRI screening in conjunction with mammograms to detect breast cancer in high-risk patients, breast center professionals may not be clear about why it’s recommended for this subgroup of patients or the benefits this type of screening can provide. For instance, a recently-published study that appeared in the Journal of […]

Study: Breast Density Knowledge Gaps Exist Among Radiology Providers

When it comes to breast cancer risk, breast density is a known factor that can increase the difficulty of detecting an abnormality. For this reason, 38 states and the District of Columbia currently require some type of breast density notification after a mammogram. There is also legislation in the works to enact similar dense breast […]

Crozer Health Implements MagView to Assist in Development of High-Risk Breast Program

Crozer Health has implemented the MagView Mammography Information System (MIS) to support the launch of its new High-Risk Breast Program and to automate breast imaging patient tracking processes. MagView’s integrated risk assessment tools, including a built-in Tyrer-Cuzick risk calculator, reduces the time needed to generate a risk score for every patient, which dramatically increases efficiency […]

The Ideal Workflow Using Tyrer-Cuzick Version 8 Risk Assessment

The Tyrer-Cuzick, or IBIS tool, is a risk assessment model that estimates the likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer in 10 years and in her lifetime. Tyrer-Cuzick is one of the most commonly used models at breast centers across the country.  The number of questions posed and the inclusion of the patient’s breast density […]

Elements of a High-Risk Breast Screening Program

Many breast imaging centers are putting more focus on their high-risk programs. Some larger facilities have already opened specialty high-risk screening facilities to service these patients.  Although there isn’t a cookie-cutter solution for all facilities, there are certain common elements found in successful high-risk programs. This article will explore some of the general requirements and […]

Competing Mortality: Tyrer-Cuzick Calculation in MagView

A question was recently sent to the MagView Support Department regarding the Tyrer-Cuzick calculation of patient risk, and whether the MagView calculation considers competing mortality in the risk score when the calculation is made. The Tyrer-Cuzick risk model can be used to calculate patient risk one of two ways, depending on whether you want to […]

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