MagView Introduces a Stand-Alone Software for High-Risk Breast Cancer Screening

Luminary Risk is MagView's new stand-alone software for breast cancer risk assessment

Fulton, MD – November 20, 2023 – MagView, a leading healthcare solutions provider, introduces Luminary Risk, an advanced software that enhances high-risk breast screening programs. Recognizing the importance of early detection and personalized care, MagView has launched Luminary Risk, as a dedicated software solution that expands the capabilities of high-risk breast screening programs with advanced […]

How Breast Centers Incorporate Tyrer-Cuzick in Mammogram Reports and Lay Letters

automating mammography reports

Using breast cancer risk assessment models—such as Tyrer-Cuzick—supports risk assessment, which has become best practice in breast screening. This approach helps identify patients who can benefit from personalized screening and helps breast imaging centers drive downstream revenue—such as breast MRI and genetic counseling/testing services. Although there are various models available, the Tyrer-Cuzick v8.0 (IBIS) is […]

Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer: How to Best Incorporate it into Your Imaging Workflow

dna strand

Understanding a patient’s genetics plays an integral role in being able to assess their comprehensive risk for breast cancer. That’s why MagView has incorporated genetic risk factors into its breast cancer risk assessment software and created an easy way for breast centers to integrate genetic testing into their organization’s workflow. The Role of Genetics in […]

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Software: The Benefits of Integrated Solutions

The importance of breast cancer screening solutions for high-risk patients is demonstrated by statistics that underscore the prevalence of this type of cancer. Breast cancer is currently the most commonly diagnosed cancer in U.S. women and is the second leading cause of cancer death in this demographic. In 2022, breast cancer is expected to account […]

Why Tyrer-Cuzick is the Breast Cancer Risk Model of Choice

women who will develop breast cancer

Personalized breast cancer care is making rapid progress—and breast cancer risk assessment plays an increasingly critical role in support of prevention, early detection, and effective treatment.  There are various breast cancer risk assessment models available, and the Tyrer-Cuzick v8.0 (IBIS) is one of the most reliable tools breast centers can use to identify high-risk patients.  What […]

The Benefits of Breast MRI for High-Risk Patients

Breast MRI

Although research supports the value of breast MRI screening in conjunction with mammograms to detect breast cancer in high-risk patients, breast center professionals may not be clear about why it’s recommended for this subgroup of patients or the benefits this type of screening can provide. For instance, a recently-published study that appeared in the Journal of […]

Study: Breast Density Knowledge Gaps Exist Among Radiology Providers

When it comes to breast cancer risk, breast density is a known factor that can increase the difficulty of detecting an abnormality. For this reason, 38 states and the District of Columbia currently require some type of breast density notification after a mammogram. There is also legislation in the works to enact similar dense breast […]

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