Mammography Tracking: There’s a Better Way Than Spreadsheets and EHR Mammo Modules

In breast health care, where quality and precision can mean the difference between early detection and missed opportunities, the reliance on outdated tools like spreadsheets or generic EHR mammography modules is increasingly untenable. For high-volume breast centers, these methods are proving to be less about convenience and more about compromise, struggling to keep pace with […]

How MagView Automates ACR Method of Detection (MOD) Data Collection

Woman holding mammogram gantry machine while mammography technologists helps her.

Collecting ACR Method of Detection (MOD) data is a hot topic among breast cancer experts. In contrast to other countries, the U.S. has no systematic method for gathering MOD data, nor a standardized framework for reporting it. Fortunately, the American College of Radiology (ACR) is aiming to change that, and at Magview, we’ve quickly adapted […]

Embracing Digital: The Compelling Case for Electronic Mammogram Lay Letters

African female looking at results on her tablet

Getting a mammogram may be routine, but waiting for results is nerve-wracking. Patients are legally entitled to receive written mammogram results within a reasonable amount of time so they can plan for any follow-up treatment. Clinicians are allowed to deliver results by hand or snail mail, but there are several compelling reasons for breast imaging […]

Transforming the Mammography Workflow: The Role of Seamless Data Integration

Two hands connecting an electric plug and a power socket together.

An optimal mammography workflow provides a seamless care pathway to ensure that breast center patients receive the expert care they deserve in the most efficient and effective way. There are various tools that can help optimize a facility’s mammography workflow, and a mammography reporting system that enables data integration is one of the most important. […]

Breast Imaging Workflow: 5 Most Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

women receiving her mammogram

Optimizing breast imaging workflow is critical to maximizing efficiency in the breast center and using effective mammography software is an important way to do it. In fact, when the right mammography software is deployed that includes cutting-edge mammography tracking software, a mammography reporting system, breast cancer risk assessment software, and nurse navigator software — it […]

Top 7 Breast Center Statistics You Should Monitor on a Regular Basis

monitoring breast density

Breast centers are faced with the daunting challenge of balancing excellence in patient care, adhering to regulatory and accreditation requirements, and turning the profit needed to keep the doors open. Although monitoring statistics consistently may seem like one more chore on the list, staying on top of key metrics can help breast centers achieve all […]

The Best Workflow Tools for Mobile Mammography Units

workflow tools for mobile mammography

Mobile mammography units (MMUs) can be invaluable in helping breast centers increase access by extending their reach. This is especially true if they are using mammography reporting and tracking software that optimizes workflow between the MMU and the breast center while also creating a better patient experience.  MMUs can help breast centers reach patients living […]

How MagView Can Help You Comply with the Updated Dense Breast Laws

your breast tissue is dense

Assessing breast density and informing patients of their findings are critical components of quality breast care. This process is so important that the majority of states in the U.S. have dense breast laws on the books to help ensure patients receive the information they need. Additionally, the FDA recently announced changes to the Mammography Quality […]

The Most Common Mammography Integrations for MagView and Epic Users

software integration

When it comes to mammography reporting and tracking software, MagView is well-known as the leading provider of solutions for breast center information management. And when it comes to electronic health records (EHR), Epic® is well-known as a leading provider in that space. As a result, many breast centers use both—which underscores the importance of effective […]

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