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21 Jul

MagView, The Leader in Mammography Tracking Software, has a new website!

In November of last year, MagView shared some exciting news about our new look with a branding refresh. Now, we have even more great news to share: MagView has a…

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9 May

What to Ask Vendors When Evaluating Mammography Reporting Systems

Choosing the right Mammography Information System (MIS) for your center is a crucial decision. The system you select will require a long-term investment and have a major impact on daily…

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21 Mar

Would Your Breast Center Benefit From a Mammography Information System? 

A Mammography Information System (MIS), which can also be referred to as a Mammography Reporting System, is a dedicated sub-specialty software solution that allows breast imaging centers to track and…

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18 Feb

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Breast Density Notification Letters Alone. Women Need Discussions with Their Healthcare Providers, Too.

State-level breast density notification (BDN) laws arose from a grass-roots effort started by Nancy M. Cappello, Ph.D., after her stage 3C breast cancer diagnosis in 2004, which followed a “normal”…

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18 Jan

5 Tips to Increase the Adoption Rate of Your Patient Portal

Patient portals offer many benefits, like providing patients with the ability to connect directly with their healthcare providers and potentially increasing patient engagement.  However, it can be challenging for providers…

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6 Dec

Text Messaging in Healthcare and Why it Makes Perfect Sense for Breast Centers

According to the Patient Pop 3rd annual patient perspective survey, digital interactions continue to grow in popularity among patients—and that includes text messaging. Also referred to as short message service…

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1 Nov

MagView Announces New Look with Branding Refresh

Today, we announce the launch of our new branding initiative that will include a refreshed logo. We'll begin rolling out the new MagView branding this month. The changes aim to…

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8 Sep

5 Benefits of Integrating AI Breast Imaging Tools with MagView 

Research has proven the value of AI-enhanced breast imaging across modalities and applications to enhance breast cancer screening, treatment, and the overall effectiveness of patient-centered care. Modalities in which artificial…

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5 Aug

6 Common Workflow Challenges for Breast Imagers and How to Solve Them

Although Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) have evolved a great deal since their early days, they don’t always support the workflows needed to help reading radiologists make the most…

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16 Jun

The Benefits of Breast MRI for High-Risk Patients

Although research supports the value of breast MRI screening in conjunction with mammograms to detect breast cancer in high-risk patients, breast center professionals may not be clear about why it’s…

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18 May

Breast Center Reports: 7 Key Measures You Should Be Tracking

Breast centers face many challenges in the day-to-day of providing excellent patient care; adhering to regulatory and accreditation requirements; and turning a profit all at the same time. Within all…

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1 Apr

Patient Portals: How They Can Benefit Breast Centers and Their Patients

Consumer adoption of digital health applications such as patient portals has been on the rise ever since the 2009 HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act opened…

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8 Mar

Top 5 Reasons Academic Hospitals Choose MagView

Academic medical centers face an array of challenges in today’s demanding healthcare environment. Balancing the priorities of patient care and resident training often requires the use of effective technology solutions…

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10 Feb

Study: Breast Density Knowledge Gaps Exist Among Radiology Providers

When it comes to breast cancer risk, breast density is a known factor that can increase the difficulty of detecting an abnormality. For this reason, 38 states and the District…

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1 Feb

Patient COVID-19 Vaccination Status Important for Breast Imagers to Obtain

A recent article published by Diagnostic Imaging highlights four cases of patients presenting with seemingly telltale indicators of breast cancer. The study, published in Clinical Imaging, reviews these cases and…

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11 Jan

Five Ways Breast Imaging Centers Can Increase Their Patient Return Rate

A common challenge for breast imaging centers is finding an effective strategy to get patients to return for their annual mammograms and follow-up appointments. Of course, the primary concern is…

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7 Oct

Crozer Health Implements MagView to Assist in Development of High-Risk Breast Program

Crozer Health has implemented the MagView Mammography Information System (MIS) to support the launch of its new High-Risk Breast Program and to automate breast imaging patient tracking processes. MagView’s integrated…

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17 Sep

MagView Becomes First Vendor to Submit NQMBC 2.0 Measures Electronically

FULTON, MD — MagView has become the first vendor certified to electronically submit calculated data to the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers (NQMBC) program.  MagView provides breast centers with…

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10 Aug

MagView Tablet and TechPad Transform the Workflow at CoxHealth Breast Care Clinic

In 2017, CoxHealth was looking for a Mammography Information System solution that could keep up with the increasing volume of their breast imaging centers. Their former Mammography Information System vendor…

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5 Aug

The New Normal: Collecting Patient History Online

As breast imaging centers start to resume screening procedures in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, team leaders are looking for ways to keep their patients safe and reduce potential…

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28 Jul

The Ideal Workflow Using Tyrer-Cuzick Version 8 Risk Assessment

The Tyrer-Cuzick, or IBIS tool, is a risk assessment model that estimates the likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer in 10 years and in her lifetime. Tyrer-Cuzick is one…

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29 Jun

Elements of a High-Risk Breast Screening Program

Many breast imaging centers are putting more focus on their high-risk programs. Some larger facilities have already opened specialty high-risk screening facilities to service these patients.  Although there isn’t a…

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21 May

Unifi™ EQUIP Powered by MagView Wins MedTech’s Best New Technology Solution for Imaging

FULTON, MD — We are pleased to announce that the Unifi™ EQUIP platform was recognized as the "Best Overall MedTech Solution" in the 2020 MedTech Breakthrough Awards program. Unifi™ EQUIP…

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21 Apr

Mosaic Implements MagView to Streamline Workflow

ST. JOSEPH, MO — Mosaic Life Care – Breast Care recently made the decision to replace their existing Mammography Information System (MIS) with MagView. Implementation is underway to bring a…

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15 Apr

Competing Mortality: Tyrer-Cuzick Calculation in MagView

A question was recently sent to the MagView Support Department regarding the Tyrer-Cuzick calculation of patient risk, and whether the MagView calculation considers competing mortality in the risk score when…

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10 Apr

Support During COVID-19

The MagView Team wishes the best for all our customers during this difficult time. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adjusted our operations to ensure the safety and health…

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19 Mar

MagView In-Service Day at Radiology Regional Center

Radiology Regional, a MagView customer since 2011, recently hosted a MagView In-Service Day, where over 70 employees gathered to review tips on how to use MagView to its fullest potential.…

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10 Mar

MagView Partners with the NCoBC on the NQMBC 2.0 Vendor Certification Program

BURTONSVILLE, MD —MagView is partnering with National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCoBC) on the NQMBC 2.0 (National Quality Measures for Breast Centers) vendor certification program. (more…)

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10 Oct

Radiology Payment Adjustments to Decrease in 2020

The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced their revised fee schedule at the end of July, and it includes cuts in reimbursements for radiology in 2020. The…

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12 Sep

AI Helps to Close the Follow-up Loop

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has sparked a lot of debate in the healthcare industry. There are skeptics who feel that AI will never be able to competently replace the human element.…

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30 Jul

MagView Joins Forces with Hologic

Burtonsville, MD — MagView is pleased to announce a partnership with Hologic to develop advanced software solutions for breast imaging providers.  Through this partnership, MagView and Hologic will jointly develop…

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10 Jul

Recent Study Shows Reduction in Lung Cancer Mortality Rates with CT Screening

A recent update to the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) showed a sustained reduction in mortality rates from CT lung screening 12 years after the initial screening exam. The study…

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2 Jul

New Findings Suggest Breast Density Guideline Changes

Breast density notification is a hot topic presently, with a federal notification regulation currently under review. (more…)

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18 Jun

MagView Announces Official Release of Luminary Workflow Manager

MagView is happy to announce the official launch of their latest radiologist efficiency tool, the Luminary Workflow Manager. (more…)

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5 Jun

The American Society of Breast Surgeons Releases Position Statement on Screening Mammography

The American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBS) recently released a position statement on screening mammography. This follows on the heels of similar recommendations made by the American College of Physicians…

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15 May

Georgia Breast Density Law – How Will You Comply?

The state of Georgia became the 38th state to enact a breast tissue density law. The bill, also known as “Margie’s Law,” states that all mammography providers must include updated…

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7 May

ACR & SBI Rebuff New ACP Guidelines

The American College of Radiology (ACR) and Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) recently rebuffed the new breast cancer screening guidelines as outlined by the American College of Physicians (ACP). In…

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2 Apr

FDA Announces Changes to MQSA Final Regulations

On March 28th, the FDA announced proposed changes to the regulations that were issued under the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) of 1992. These revisions are pending review, with the…

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29 Mar

CARTI Cancer Center Chooses MagView

Carti Cancer Center in Little Rock, Arkansas has chosen MagView for their mammography tracking and reporting system. (more…)

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13 Mar

EQUIP: FDA to Start Issuing Repeat Citations

The EQUIP initiative is in its third year, with 2017 being an educational year, and 2018 marking the first year citations were issued for violations. This year, the FDA will start…

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5 Mar

Federal Breast Density Law – How Will You Comply?

A federal bill was signed on February 15th, 2019 which states all mammography providers must include updated information about breast density in reports sent to both patients and their physicians.…

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20 Feb

New Mexico Breast Density Legislation!

New Mexico facilities will be required to communicate breast density to women following their mammogram. (more…)

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8 Nov

LungView Luminary Launches Alongside a New Website

LungView has launched a new version of LungView Luminary along with their new redesigned website. (more…)

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7 Nov

High-Risk Breast Cancer Screening Clinics Become The New Standard

Many breast imaging centers have opened high-risk screening clinics to augment their existing services. This has already become the new standard, (more…)

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26 Sep

Mammography Patient Portal

Patient Satisfaction is vital to any healthcare practice, especially breast centers. One of the main reasons patients do not return for screening is the anxiety created by the experience. (more…)

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18 Sep

Custom MagView Pathology Program Benefits Entire Cancer Center

NEWPORT BEACH, CA — Jeff Schell, Research Specialist, appreciates the inbound pathology results feed deployed at Hoag Memorial Hospital, but he wanted to boost the usefulness of this tool for…

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14 Sep

New Illinois Breast Density Legislation!

New Illinois Breast Density Legislation! Effective January 1, 2019, all facilities performing mammograms are required to notify patients of their breast density if they have heterogeneously dense or extremely dense breast…

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19 Jul

MagView’s Texting Module

Over 95% of your patients own a cellphone. You will find one in nearly every purse, handbag, and pocket these days. (more…)

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22 Jun

MagView Help Center Serving National and US Businesses

MagView will soon be going live with our newest support tool, the MagView Help Center, powered by FreshDesk. While this means a great deal for our Support team on the…

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15 Jun

Tyrer Cuzick Version 8 is Here!

The newest version of Tyrer–Cuzick, version 8, was released earlier this year in March. This new version is now supported in the latest builds of MagView 7.2 and MagView Luminary.…

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8 Jun

Uptime Monitoring Tools

MagView is a mission critical application that affects patient care and demands reliability and stability. With this in mind, MagView has introduced MagTac, (more…)

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6 Jun

Eliminating Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

A study released on Sunday, June 3rd is great news for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. According to the research, many of these women may not actually require chemotherapy where…

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25 Oct

MagView Learning Worklist

MagView provides many quality assurance tools to help radiologists and groups understand their performance based on medical self-audit. Periodically auditing outcome measures can link practice patterns to patient outcomes in…

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25 Oct

Making the Complex, Simple in the Sunshine State at Baptist Health South Florida

Implementing a new system always comes with challenges. At Baptist Health South Florida (BHSF), the scope was huge from the start. With 20 separate locations performing exams all over the…

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25 Oct

Patient Experience 3.0

With the growing influence of value-based pricing, pay for performance and the evolution of patient consumerism, providers are feeling new pressures to improve patient satisfaction, and enhance the patient experience.…

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10 Oct


In response to the new FDA requirements, MagView has introduced the MagView EQUIP Module, which can help your facility comply with the new FDA requirements in the most efficient way.…

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