New MagView Mammography Technology at Parrish Healthcare in FL

female patient undergoing Mammogram screening procedure

In furtherance of its commitment to elevating breast imaging programs across America, MagView has formed yet another successful partnership. MagView mammography software will now be implemented at Parrish Healthcare, an American College of Radiology (ACR)  Breast Imaging Center of Excellence

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Collaboration And Support For Breast Imaging Centers

This partnership was made possible by the generosity of donors from Jess Parrish Medical Foundation and the skill and expertise of Parrish Healthcare’s Radiology and Information Technology Care Partners. Mark Schmidt, MBA, VP of Sales & Marketing at MagView, expressed his satisfaction with the “joint effort in the advancing breast imaging programs through enhanced integration, streamlined workflow, and robust analytics that lead to improved outcomes for patients”.

How MagView’s Tracking System Improves Outcomes At Parrish Healthcare

Parrish Healthcare will benefit from many of MagView’s tools that improve workflow and patient experience at breast imaging centers. 

Text Message Reminder Module

It’s common for patients to forget about upcoming appointments, but when it comes to breast imaging, time is of the essence. Parrish Healthcare will use MagView’s text message module to create personalized messages to remind patients about their upcoming appointments. By utilizing technology patients already use, Parrish Healthcare will reduce no-shows and improve patient outcomes. 

Patient Results Portal

Parrish Healthcare’s patients will no longer have to wait for their breast imaging results to arrive in the mail and will be able to receive their results electronically with MagView’s Patient Results Portal. Not only are patients notified immediately by email when their results are ready, but the breast imaging center will be able to see when patients access those results. Less paperwork means lower operating costs and less time spent by staff members on mundane tasks, freeing up time to directly help patients. 

Patient Navigation Module

MagView’s patient navigation module will allow Parrish Healthcare’s patient navigators to manage their patient’s data in a single application. MagView’s patient navigation module can:

  • Track patients through specified navigation stages with reminders and worklists to make follow-up easier
  • Go paperless and collect data from a centralized repository, directly or by integrating with other systems
  • Create customized forms and reports
  • View all documents, imagine, and patient history from a single screen
  • Easily exchange information between providers 
  • Ensure compliance, even with large patient loads and data

Results Extraction

Manually processing results is time-consuming and leaves a lot of room for human error. Parrish Healthcare will now utilize MagView’s results extraction interface to extract all required tracking and MQSA information including BI-RADS, recommendation, and tissue density. The results extraction interface allows for:

  • Seamless integration with HIS or RIS and other systems
  • Greater efficiency without disrupting radiologist workflow, by allowing use of the existing dictation system
  • Automatic categorization and recording of MQSA audit data, saving  time and money
  • Single point of access to all patient results and history 

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