MagView Introduces a Stand-Alone Software for High-Risk Breast Cancer Screening

Luminary Risk is MagView's new stand-alone software for breast cancer risk assessment

Fulton, MD – November 20, 2023 – MagView, a leading healthcare solutions provider, introduces Luminary Risk, an advanced software that enhances high-risk breast screening programs. Recognizing the importance of early detection and personalized care, MagView has launched Luminary Risk, as a dedicated software solution that expands the capabilities of high-risk breast screening programs with advanced risk assessment technology. 

Luminary Risk Emerges As a Stand-Alone Solution From MagView’s Renowned Mammography and Reporting Software

Luminary Risk is a solution derived from MagView’s renowned Mammography Tracking and Reporting Software. The introduction of Luminary Risk provides high-risk breast screening programs with a dedicated risk assessment tool, enhancing healthcare professionals’ ability to assess risk accurately and optimize personalized care delivery.

Luminary Risk serves as a trusted risk solution that goes beyond producing a score, encompassing all aspects of the patient workflow affected by risk assessment. Developed in response to the limitations of EHR systems in assessing breast cancer risk, Luminary Risk provides breast imaging centers with an integrated and comprehensive solution for assessing patients’ risk for breast cancer. This reliability and impact have made MagView’s risk assessment solutions the trusted choice for more than 2.5 million patients screened annually. 

Advanced Risk Assessment Integration

Luminary Risk seamlessly integrates with existing EHR systems to optimize the delivery of personalized high-risk breast screening to patients. This integration enhances high-risk screening programs by eliminating cross-platform manual data entry and providing healthcare providers with readily available risk assessment results without disrupting established workflows.

Addressing the Limitations of Manual Risk Calculators with Luminary Risk

Manual high-risk assessment calculators offer certain advantages, such as raising awareness and assisting women in making informed decisions about their breast cancer risk. However, these calculators have limitations in the accuracy and detection of high-risk indicators. Luminary Risk overcomes these limitations by replacing manual risk assessments, allowing healthcare providers to identify potential cases earlier and streamline breast screening and treatment workflows. As a result, high-risk breast screening programs benefit from enhanced risk detection capabilities, further improving patient outcomes.

“At MagView, we recognize the crucial role of high-risk breast screening programs in providing specialized care to individuals at elevated risk of breast cancer,” stated Mark Schmidt, MagView VP of Sales and Marketing. “While manual online risk assessment calculators offer some benefits, they are not designed for commercial use within mammography operations and, therefore are limited in their ability to integrate into a breast center’s workflow. Luminary Risk represents a critical advancement in expanding the capabilities of high-risk screening programs with software that integrates seamlessly within any healthcare system architecture. With Luminary Risk, more healthcare providers will be equipped to identify and manage their high-risk breast patients with ease and expertise”

RSNA 2023

If you’re attending the RSNA Annual Conference in Chicago, stop by booth #2405 to be one of the first to get a demo of Luminary Risk.

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