MagView Tablet and TechPad Transform the Workflow at CoxHealth Breast Care Clinic

In 2017, CoxHealth was looking for a Mammography Information System solution that could keep up with the increasing volume of their breast imaging centers. Their former Mammography Information System vendor was not able to streamline their workflow to keep pace with their continued growth.

They turned to MagView to provide a complete solution that empowered their users and made them more efficient, while not sacrificing the patient experience. For their technologists, however, change would not be easy.

“Most of my [technologists] were born at Cox, went to school at Cox, and now work at Cox. So, you can imagine, any change can be difficult,” stated Susan Smith, Manager of the Breast Care Clinic. “TechPad literally changed our lives, in a good way.”

One of the new technologies installed was MagView’s TechPad™, which enables the technologists to be mobile and still use MagView via iPad. This frees them up from having to find an open workstation or leave the patient’s side, thus speeding up the process. This also leads to shorter appointment times allowing them the ability to schedule more patients in a day. The hospital has seen a 10% growth over the last two years, which further fuels the need to keep up with the patient demand.

“I’m confident that even though the techs were hesitant to change, they would not go back to any other way,” stated Smith. “[The techs] are watching their pads, and as soon as the patient is done with the history questionnaire, boom, they are up getting the patient from the waiting area.”

In the summer of 2020, as CoxHealth started screenings again after the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, they faced another challenge. Since resuming screening services, they were operating at 125% of their normal volume and seeing approximately 155 patients per day. “With the volume that we’re doing, there would be no way to do it without the TechPads in place.”

Another MagView tool that is in use to directly promote the patient experience is the Patient History Tablet, which allows the patient to input their own history, also on iPads. “The patient experience improved greatly after the pads were put in place,” said Smith. “95% of our patient’s use the iPads with ease.”

“In today’s world, it is so important to be able to have things right away – to be able to provide instantaneous patient access.” Smith comments. The History Tablet provides immediate patient data feedback, including integrated history paragraphs in the finding report and automated risk scores through the Tyrer-Cuzick model.

Susan also echoed the appreciation of others’ feedback on the ease of accessing quality assurance statistics and outcome data. “My clinical supervisor just loves MagView – being able to pull data easily, the availability and functionality – we work with numbers and need to see them every day.”

When asked how MagView stacks up next to their previous Mammography Information System, Smith stated, “There is no comparison. There was no continuity between the prior data and when the patient returned.”

With 21 technologists and five board-certified radiologists, CoxHealth needed a solution that could keep pace with the increasing demands on their facility and team members. Per Smith, “I’m a firm believer that it was a good solid move for us to go to MagView.”

About CoxHealth

The CoxHealth Breast Care Clinic is fully accredited by the American College of Radiology and the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), and it is the only facility in southwest Missouri recognized by both organizations as a Breast Center of Excellence. They currently have four (soon to be five) locations serving the southwestern Missouri region. In 2019, they performed over 39,000 breast exams for their patient population.

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