Going Live at Ascension Crittenton Hospital

MagView is pleased to announce the successful go-live of reporting and tracking at Ascension Crittenton Hospital in Rochester, MI. Part of the Ascension group, the hospital’s mammography department now utilizes MagView for full reporting and patient tracking & follow-up.

All users benefit from the updated system, but two key groups will see major improvements: patients and radiologists. Their patients now enter pertinent history on tablets while waiting for their appointment. This frees up their technologists from data entry, while enabling them to spend more time with patients.

With a scheduling interface deployed, the system suppresses recall letters, which further impacts the patient experience. Extraneous and confusing recall letters are suppressed when there is a scheduled appointment. It might sound like a small difference, but the downstream impact is enormous.

Behind the scenes, the radiologists integrate with Hologic’s AppSync interface, saving them time and energy looking up each case. This also prevents potential mistakes in reporting on the wrong study.

They can also now review prior images with the EQUIP module to quickly and easily satisfy the requirement for image quality review. Sites are mandated to provide a system for tracking feedback of images, and the EQUIP module is built in to the MagView system, allowing for quick and painless review.

They also have automated Tyrer-Cuzick risk scores with the built-in calculator, one of several risk models MagView offers. Tyrer-Cuzick is considered by many specialists to be the most accurate model currently available, which explains why more and more sites are choosing to deploy it.

Ascension is the largest non-profit health system in the United States, and Crittenton is another location in their family to use MagView for tracking and reporting. MagView is used at several facilities in their group, from Connecticut to Florida to Texas, just to name a few.

To learn more about how MagView provides the mammography tracking and reporting software to breast centers of the future, visit their website here.

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