MagView In-Service Day at Radiology Regional Center

Radiology Regional, a MagView customer since 2011, recently hosted a MagView In-Service Day, where over 70 employees gathered to review tips on how to use MagView to its fullest potential.

When asked the goal of the In-Service Day, EMR Administrator, Julie Synder, said:

“The intention was to improve communication and MagView is the best tool we have to accomplish that. Radiology Regional performed over 76,000 mammograms in 2019. With our recent addition of two new offices, we wanted to emphasize the importance of good communication between our mammo technologists and radiologists. We shared tips with our mammo techs on how to use MagView to its potential and give our patients the best possible care.”

Radiology Regional Center utilizes MagView to create breast imaging reports and follow up with patients across 14 locations in Southwest Florida, so communication between technologists and radiologists is key.

MagView provides workflow solutions that allow imaging centers to focus on what matters most – patient care. We are honored to partner with sites like Radiology Regional to allow them to do just that.

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