Lowell General Hospital Goes Live with MagView

Lowell General Hospital, one of the largest healthcare providers in the Merrimack Valley, is now live with MagView’s Mammography Information System. The hospital group opted for MagView for their patient tracking and navigation capabilities, along with a suite of other add-on modules that will enhance their workflow and create a far more efficient environment.

One of the modules implemented was the TechPad™, which enables their technologists to untether themselves from workstations and stay with the patient longer throughout their visit. The TechPad allows techs to enter in pertinent information, like views taken and history information, all while being mobile and staying with the patient. This in turn reduces patient anxiety and creates a more positive experience.

Another key element was the EQUIP module, which allows their users to conduct their FDA-required review automatically within MagView. The EQUIP tool ensures that every location provides at least one image per tech and per interpreting physician for review in a specified time. This ensures compliance with the federal regulation, which has the aim to prevent inspection failures due to poor image quality.

Lowell also opted to deploy the PowerScribe Integration Tool. This allows MagView to send pre-created sections, such as history and views, into PowerScribe to complete the finding report in that system. By sending pre-set sections, this ultimately saves the radiologists hours per day in dictation and report creation.

Their team was also very interested in the integrated risk scores within MagView, so they also went live with several models, including Tyrer-Cuzick, NCI, and Claus. This enables their team in making high-risk screening recommendations, as well as generating referrals to genetic counseling services if a patient’s risk score meets a certain threshold.

Dr. Monty Shah, one of the lead radiologists at the site, stated that, “the go-live has been as smooth as I could have hoped for.” He added that he is, “excited for the possibilities that will allows us to take this program to another level as we continue to raise the bar.”

Lowell is one more example of a site that opted for MagView to provide an enterprise solution across multiple locations, as well as deploying multiple modules that maximize their efficiency, empower their users, and focus on their most important facet: patient care.

To learn more about how MagView can enable your facility and maximize efficiency, visit their website here.

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