LungView Luminary Launches Alongside a New Website

LungView has launched a new version of LungView Luminary along with their new redesigned website. LungView debuted in 2014 when the American College of Radiology (ACR) released their lung cancer screening guidelines, known as Lung-RADS and became the first Lung Screening Information System.

Lung cancer is the deadliest form of cancer, claiming more lives than all other types. Over 154,000 people are expected to succumb to the disease this year alone. With early detection, however, lung cancer is very treatable, and screening can improve the chances of survival by around 26% according to the recently released Nelson study.

LungView Lung Cancer Screening Tools

One of the reasons for the higher mortality rate is a lack of awareness among the patient population and qualification status for high risk individuals. LungView, as a leading edge provider of lung screening tracking and follow-up, is doing something about this, by providing a free Lung Screening Patient Qualifier tool to determine eligibility. Further, LungView comes equipped with an abundant set of patient education options.

The built-in lung screening calculator (also found on the new website) automatically factors the total number of pack years, which is a key element in determining whether or not a patient qualifies for lung screening. The tool also incorporates other risk factors, such as family history and known carcinogen exposure.

LungView helps end users to “do more with less” by streamlining the entire lung screening workflow. Users can see up to five times more patients while performing fewer steps thanks to the included automation.

The LungView program also has some new features to offer end-users, including the most advanced and robust incidental finding system in the market. It can incorporate optional radiation dose tracking for sites that report and follow this information. Administrators can also automatically send LCSR information without having to perform any extra steps.

These features coupled with the main program mean that coordinators are no longer required to resort to tracking patients with Excel or paper. LungView provides complete end-to-end lung nodule treatment, robust incidental tracking, and follow-up throughout the patient’s continuum of care. After implementing LungView, coordinators can see more patients with less effort and have full assurance that all patients are being tracked.

For more information about the new LungView site, visit the page here.

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