MagView Learning Worklist

MagView provides many quality assurance tools to help radiologists and groups understand their performance based on medical self-audit. Periodically auditing outcome measures can link practice patterns to patient outcomes in a way that can influence the interpreting physician’s behavior and performance in a positive way.

However, several challenges can limit this process. It is often difficult for the radiologist to frequently review outcome measures and observe them changing in response to changes in practice patterns. It is also sometimes difficult to understand each of the measures and what corrective action should be associated with each of those performing measures.

The MagView Learning Worklist overcomes these challenges by providing the radiologist with real-time access to relevant cases that they can learn from.

This feature provides each radiologist with a worklist of their own screening and diagnostic positive cases which have recently been followed-up, and for which the outcome is now known based on a diagnostic exam or biopsy result. The radiologist can review the initial imaging and report, then review the subsequent imaging or pathology result to critique the false positive or reinforce the true positive case.

The MagView Learning Worklist provides the radiologist with a source of continuous feedback from which they can improve their confidence when calling patients back or deciding that they do not need to call the patient back. Using these tools over an extended time can help the radiologist improve their sensitivity and positive predictive value, and lower their recall rate if it is too high.


  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Increase radiologist confidence
  • Share feature allows radiologists to optionally review other cases from the group
  • Blind review feature allows radiologists to predict and then review the outcome
  • Optional integration with ACR RadPeer

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