MagView Partners with the NCoBC on the NQMBC 2.0 Vendor Certification Program

BURTONSVILLE, MD —MagView is partnering with National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCoBC) on the NQMBC 2.0 (National Quality Measures for Breast Centers) vendor certification program.

MagView has a long history of supporting and partnering with the NCoBC. As a vendor partner and leader on their technical vendor board, MagView has led the drive towards a vendor-neutral certification program for NQMBC 2.0, which is set to be released before this year’s NCoBC 2020 Conference in April.

The testing program will certify vendors on their ability to support the updated NQMBC 2.0 measures. This is a first for the NQMBC program, with the aim being uniform collection and reporting of measures across all vendors wishing to become certified vendors. Certified vendors will automate measure calculations and provide NQMBC reports. These reports can be uploaded directly to the NQMBC quality program thus facilitating NQMBC participation.

The new format and process should create a cleaner data set for comparison with participating facilities. By standardizing the data format and submission process, breast centers will ultimately have more uniform comparison data to use when comparing their statistics to the national NQMBC average.

MagView will continue to work with the NCoBC as a vendor partner going forward to further develop new solutions for the NQMBC program. As new measures are announced or previous measures are amended, MagView will spearhead the validation testing and certification.

About NQMBC:

The National Quality Measures for Breast Centers© program ( is a quality program developed in 2005 by the National Consortium of Breast Centers™.

The NQMBC is a voluntary quality program that identifies quality of care measures, provides immediate access to quality measure results and allows breast centers to compare their performance with other centers across the United States and beyond. Participants in the program can enter their quality measure data and compare their performance with other breast centers for the measures they submit data. Each facility can choose which measures they wish to submit.

Participants in the NQMBC program have the opportunity to become a “Certified Quality Center of Excellence.” This is the highest level of certification and recognition. Each certification level has minimum performance and participation criteria that must be met before application for certification can be made.

About MagView:

MagView has been a leading Mammography Information System provider since the ACR’s creation of the BI-RADS reporting system in 1992. They are currently in use at over 2500 facilities nationwide, including several of the top 25 cancer hospitals.

MagView has partnered with NCBC to assist in the creation of the vendor certification program for NQMBC, and they have helped pave the way for the API testing. This will ensure that vendors can be certified on the new measures and through new submission avenues.

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