Custom MagView Pathology Program Benefits Entire Cancer Center

NEWPORT BEACH, CA — Jeff Schell, Research Specialist, appreciates the inbound pathology results feed deployed at Hoag Memorial Hospital, but he wanted to boost the usefulness of this tool for his end users.

To that end, and with the help of a MagView engineer, he created a custom program that notifies them whenever a result comes over.

“At first, it was just for the breast imaging team,”  Schell recalls, but, when other departments found out about it, we deployed this solution across the entire cancer center.” Though only breast imaging uses MagView for tracking and reporting, the pathology interface accepts all messages regardless of the target. Lung, gastrointestinal, thyroid, and other pathology reports are emailed securely to each team’s stakeholders.

The custom configuration emails all radiologists who gave a positive imaging finding, the biopsy physician, and the biopsy coordinator. If the screening and diagnostic readers differ, each would still get a copy of the report. The biopsy physician also receives this notification, which means a faster turnaround in addending the original report. The coordinator also has quicker turnaround in following up with the patient, whether scheduling surgery or a six-month follow-up appointment.

If the pathology relates to a surgery, then the surgeon gets added to the list of email recipients. This has saved their staff a lot of time and reduced confusion, where previously they had to play the guessing game as to when their results would arrive. Now, they have instant notification when those results are ready.

Thanks to Jeff’s efforts, MagView can now set this tool up at any facility with a pathology interface. “Word spread fast during tumor boards,” per Schell. “Once someone mentioned they received email alerts when pathology was available, everyone wanted it.”

MagView has partnered with many facilities to deliver customized workflow enhancements. The custom pathology program deployed at Hoag is a great example of how we work closely with our sites to make products and workflows that benefit the end users. Sometimes these benefits can reach beyond the walls of the breast imaging department.

To find out more about our products, services or any add-on modules and how they can help your facility, please visit us online at, or you can reach out to your account manager to request a demonstration.

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