Making the Complex, Simple in the Sunshine State at Baptist Health South Florida

Implementing a new system always comes with challenges. At Baptist Health South Florida (BHSF), the scope was huge from the start. With 20 separate locations performing exams all over the state, they needed an enterprise system solution that could integrate seamlessly with multiple systems. This includes linking to their RIS, PACS, dictation, and a worklist program.

MagView not only had the tools to fit this need, but we introduced several other time-saving patient care solutions that have contributed to their overall success. One of the most critical pieces of this workflow was the PowerScribe (PS360) Integration Tool.

With this module, their team of 15+ radiologists reading at 10 different locations can switch between structured reporting in MagView and voice dictation in PS360. They have the flexibility to rapidly generate reports with the Screening Keypad, or use voice recognition to dictate very complex findings.

In an environment with so many different readers, it was key to have flexibility in reporting. This allows for rapid turnaround time in generating the finding reports, along with a much higher quality of life for the reading doctors. Having the ability to satisfy so many different reading styles, while still integrating with multiple other systems, was well worth the time put into the extended testing phase.

The patient side has seen some dramatic improvements as well. When they walk in to have their breast imaging exam, patients can now enter their history on an iPad via the Patient History Questionnaire. This also saves their technologists several minutes per patient, since they no longer have to enter this data for every single study.

Once the patient gets home, the care continues, as they are notified electronically when their results are available via the Patient Notification Portal. They can instantly view their lay letters as soon as the letter is generated, saving time, greatly reducing postage costs, and shortening anxiety for the patient.

We spent more time than usual in the testing phase to accommodate all of the different elements that made this enterprise go-live such a resounding success. We could not have done so without the mutual teamwork and lofty vision from both sides of the relationship.

To find out more about the PS360 Integration, Patient Portal, or other modules and how they can help your facility, please visit us online at, or you can reach out to your account manager to request a demonstration.

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