Technology Meets Patient Care at Corridor Radiology, Iowa City

Imagine a breast center where the technologists never touch a workstation, relying instead on mobile devices to manage their entire workflow. While it may sound like a chapter from science fiction, this is the reality at Corridor Radiology.

The TechPad™ untethers users from computers and allows them to be mobile, spending more time with their patients and less time in front of a screen. Designed for tablet use, the TechPad™ module was built with this goal: to provide easy-to-use mobile access to tasks users would normally perform in MagView on a workstation.

As more sites go live with this module, the feedback from end users has been very positive. At Corridor Radiology, “This is very simple to use,” and “I really love how I don’t have to wait for a computer to free up,” were just a few of the comments heard throughout go-live.

Corridor Radiology is one of several sites whose techs use MagView on a tablet rather than on a workstation. MagView understands the importance of patient care above all, and this is just one of many tools that leads to more time spent on what matters most.

Corridor Radiology also utilizes the MagView Advanced Breast Diagram, which provides historical markups (scar, lump, pain, etc.) that can be modified or removed far more easily than with a standard image. Each clinical finding or other marking is saved as its own layer, and each one has its own drawing tool.

Another tool in use is the PowerScribe 360 Integration. For complicated cases where structured reporting cannot relay the complete narrative, they have the option to dictate parts of or an entire report with PS360. This tool can pull in existing patient data like history and technique, saving the radiologist time by not having to recreate these already populated sections.

New technology not only serves the clinical users but the patients as well. For instance, Corridor Radiology also uses the History Tablet, which lets patients enter their history while waiting to be called back for their exam. They can review history from the previous visit, and make any necessary edits with this web-based module.

At Corridor Radiology, going live with these tools had an immediate impact. Per the breast center manager, they were able to decrease their patients’ total appointment time from 15 minutes to 10. That equates to one-third of the time a patient would normally spend time at the office, allowing Corridor Radiology to see up to 33% more patients per day than before.

To find out more about the TechPad™ or other add-on modules and how they can help your facility, please visit us online at, or you can reach out to your account manager to request a demonstration.

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