Kaiser Permanente Implementation

Kaiser Permanente Denver is now live with MagView as their enterprise Mammography Tracking and Reporting Solution.

They will be using MagView at all fourteen of their Denver facilities. Kaiser Permanente is the largest managed care organization in the United States, and they required a mammography information system that could manage their volume and workflow.

One of the primary goals of the project was to be able to follow patients through their lifetime of breast imaging. To that end, they opted to install the Navigation module, which was developed to include patients who need additional imaging or biopsies.

Radiologist efficiency was another key factor in the decision to go with MagView. They initially purchased the PowerScribe Integration Tool but decided to generate all their finding reports in MagView using structured reporting. The champion radiologists were adamant about keeping the reports consistent and in line with BI-RADS Fifth Edition language. Another major selling point of structured reporting is the ability in MagView to track multiple findings, something they very much wanted and were not able to do before.

Another add-on installed was the Screening Keypad, which is a huge boost to their productivity. It allows readers to create a complete finding report on a screening case with as few as two button clicks. With the volume they have, especially for screeners, having this capability to read off 150 or more studies in a day is a tremendous advantage over their previous dictation systems.

They also went live with BRCAPro risk assessment tool, which they use to calculate a risk score for every patient. This populates into their finding reports to notify the referring physician of any high–risk patients; they also inform the patient of their risk in their lay letter.

Another feature that Kaiser Permanente went live with was the Dashboard, which allows users to easily see their statistics at a glance. They went live with several custom interfaces including one to send follow up information to HealthTRAC which is a separate system they use to send recall letters; and another to send their patient notification lay letters in PDF format to Rocky Mountain Mail to be printed.

End users aren’t the only ones who have noticed a change with the new system. Patients now enter their history information into tablets, which helps to streamline the overall workflow and saves the technologists time from data entry.

User engagement was a critical factor in the success of this project. Steve Mattson, their Medical Imaging Director, commented that, “[he continues] to be impressed with the countless hours and flexibility everyone has invested into this work.”

MagView is the enterprise solution for the hub–and–spoke model at Kaiser Permanente Denver across multiple locations interfacing with Epic RIS, Agfa PACS, PowerScribe 360, and HealthTRAC. We are proud to be a part of this program to positively affect patient care.

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