Mammogram Prep: Tips for Your First Mammogram Prep

radiographer is operating the mammogram system while patient is waiting

When it comes to breast cancer, early detection is a powerful tool to use that can help save lives. When breast cancer is detected during the early stages, there’s a high probability of successful treatment. The rate of recovery is also high. That’s why breast cancer centers rely on mammography to determine the condition of your breasts. After the mammogram, your doctor may use MagView’s mammography tracking software to monitor and efficiently follow up based on the results. Whether it’s your first time getting a mammogram or you’re a veteran, knowing what to expect can help you stay comfortable and leave the facility satisfied. Here are a few tips you can utilize for your first mammogram.

How Should I Prepare for My First Mammogram?

If you have not yet booked your facility, make sure to book a facility that specializes in mammograms and does many every day. Once you’ve chosen a facility, try to use it every time you’re going for a mammogram, so it’s easy to compare. You also need to start planning for the mammogram when your breasts aren’t likely to be tender or swollen. This helps reduce discomfort and enables radiologists to get good pictures. You can create a list of questions you want to ask your healthcare provider before your mammogram and discuss any recent changes or problems in your breasts.

Tips for Your First Mammogram Prep

If it’s your first time getting a mammogram, it’s essential to prepare in advance and ensure you’re mentally and physically ready. That means knowing what to bring and wear during the mammogram day. It also means knowing the time and arriving earlier to prepare for your procedure. To help you get started, here are the tips to help you prepare for your first mammogram.

  • If applicable, bring records of any procedures or tests you’ve had on your breasts, including prior mammogram images.
  • Skip the deodorant that day
  • Wear a two-piece outfit
  • Leave any neck jewelry at home
  • Choose a certified mammogram facility
  • Bring your doctor’s written order/prescription for the mammogram study
  • Bring your ID and insurance information

How long does a mammogram take?

A mammogram typically takes about 30 minutes, including waiting time. The breasts are compressed for about 30 seconds. Sometimes the process may need to be repeated for clear images, which may add a little time to the test.

Does insurance cover mammograms?

Most insurance providers consider mammograms as necessary screening tools. Therefore, most of them pay for mammograms for women aged 30 and older with a family history of breast cancer and other risk factors. If you’re 40 and above, you’ll receive coverage for the annual screening. Check what your insurer offers to verify your coverage.

How long does it take to get mammogram results?

You will likely go home and wait for your results at home. Mammogram technologists need to review the images before writing down the results and emailing them to you or your doctor. However, some diagnostic mammograms provide same-day results.

Don’t delay; schedule your preventive breast care today

Your breast health is important. The earlier it’s caught, the more treatable it is and the better the survival chances. That’s why MagView recommends taking regular mammograms and other preventive measures. Talk to your doctor about any concerns and risk factors before taking your mammogram. To learn your risk factors, be sure to use our risk factor calculator. Contact us for enquiries and more information.

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