What Do Mammography Technologists Do?

what is a mammography technologist

Early detection is key when it comes to find cancer, especially breast cancer. That’s where mammograms come in, as they are currently the best method to detect breast cancer at an early stage. Remember, the earlier breast cancer is found, the better the outcome. During your annual mammogram,a radiologist, and mammogram technologist will work together to provide you with the best breast care.

Many mammogrpahy facilities use reliable, efficient, and innovative like our mammography tracking and reporting software. During your mammogram, you will spend a bit of time with a mammography technologist. teSo who are mammography technologists? What do they do? And how do they help you in your breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment journey? Read on to find out.

What is a Mammography Technologist

A mammography technologist is a specially trained individual responsible for preparing and guiding patients through the mammogram process to look for breast cancer and other issues. They operate scanners and create images that radiologists will review to create mammogram report results. They are trained to handle every patient with care, as many patients experience anxiety and apprehension about the results.

As such, they handle a patient’s physical and emotional aspects to ensure the exams are successful. Some patients often ask questions like why they need exams, how long the results will take, and many other questions. Mammogram technologists respond to these questions and explain how the exam is done and what to expect.

Mammogram technologists may also perform bone density scans and some ultrasounds. If a patient requires a biopsy, the technologist will prepare the patient and assist the doctor during the biopsy. Other responsibilities include cleaning, processing images, adjusting equipment, handling patient records, and communicating information to the attending physician.

Where Do Mammogram Technologists Work?

Mammogram technologists work in hospitals, cancer institutions, radiology clnics, and breast cancer clinics. Since they have many responsibilities, they can work in different areas of the mammogram center.

Who Do Mammogram Technologists Work With?

Mammogram technologists work with patients from the time they come back into the exam area from the waiting room to when they enter the mammogram room to the time they leave. They respond to queries, give reassurance, and help patients stay comfortable throughout the exam. What Skills Should a Mammogram Technologist Have?

Mammogram technologists work and interact with patients. That means they need to have specific skills to succeed in the workplace. Some common skills a mammogram technologist should have include the following:

  • Patient care: Mammogram technologists take care of all your needs as a patient during the exam. They will provide you with a gown to change to, adjust your breasts to take quality images, and may comfort you during the exam if you’re uncomfortable.
  • Communication: Mammogram technologists are informative. They interact with patients, radiologists, pathologists, and other healthcare professionals. For this reason, they possess high communication skills.
  • Operational skills: The primary role of a mammogram technologist is to operate a mammography machine to produce images of breasts.

If you have had a mammogram before, you interacted with a mammogram technologist. If you haven’t started your screening mammograms yet, it is recommended that you get one annually starting at age 40. If you are at higher risk for breast cancer, your doctor may recommend you start screening before 40. Talk to you doctor about your risk or se a risk assessment tool today to learn about your risk for breast cancer.

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